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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Get PMP Certification in Boston

Know the requirements to obtain PMP certification Boston.
If you know where to look, you can easily find a lot of information about PMP certification on the internet. Yet again it still remains a challenge for an aspiring certified project manager to figure out where to start. This may take plenty of time to gather all the important information.
To help you with that, this article will focus on the essentials you need to know when planning to get your certification in Boston area.
Meet the Eligibility Criteria
First and foremost, you have to comply with the PMP certification requirements. You must have the educational prerequisites as well as professional experience to get started with your PMP training and certification.
The PMP prerequisites will depend on your current educational background.
·         For high school graduates: you must have a minimum of 5 years professional project management experience, leading or directing project tasks. You also need at least 35 hours of formal project management education.

·         For college graduates with a bachelor’s degree: the required project management experience is 3 years, or a minimum of 4,500 hours working on a project management tasks. You also need a minimum of 35 hours of formal project management education.
Look for a Project Certification in Boston
Once you have completed the requirements, you are now ready to enroll in a PMP program provided by a state-approved school. Some of the best schools that provide the best PMP training in Boston area are the Boston University and the University of Massachusetts.
If you don’t have enough time and you want a more convenient option to obtain your PMP certification Boston, you can enroll in online PMP schools. Search on the internet for best schools that offer the right training and program for you online.
Apply for PMP Certification Exam
After you finish the training, you will be eligible to take the PMP examination. This is the final step to become certified. The test will measure your knowledge and skills and you are really ready to work as a certified project manager professional.
Sufficient preparation is needed to pass the PMP exam.

Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Learning Methods to Complete PDU Training

As a certified project management professional (PMP), you will be required to acquire the Professional Development Units (PDUs), as an integral part of the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. This can be achieved through ongoing education and giving something back to the profession.
Good thing is that there are a lot of ways and opportunities to get PDU training and maintain your credentials. You will be typically required to earn 60 professional development units within a 3-year period.
Here are the five learning methods to obtain PDU training:

1. Formal Academic Education
Earn the required units by enrolling in an academic course that’s part of a project management program. There are several registered education providers that you can enrol in. Find one that meets your situation.
2. Self-Directed Learning
Look for professional activities that you are most comfortable doing, and which you can best utilize your knowledge and skills. You have plenty of options to earn a pre-determine number of units for each category such as the following below.
·         Write a book or article on project management for a professional journal
·         Become a speaker on a project management conference or workshop
·         Join in a program management panel discussion
·         Develop content for a project management learning course
·         Work experience
3. Self-Directed Learning
This involves personally conducting research that includes coaching sessions or discussions with clients or fellow project managers. These activities should utilize informational materials such as videos, books or instructional manuals.
4. Volunteer Service
Become a volunteer to a professional or community organization. This way you will be able to earn up to 20 units. Just be sure to check that the volunteer service meets the definition of the project management program.
5. Enrol in Other Education Providers
If you can’t find a PMP-registered organization near your area, you can still get your PDU training from an education provider that offer program educational courses. However, for this type of course, you will typically receive one project development unit for an hour of the course you attended.
Hope this article can help you get started with meeting your PDU training and succeed more in your career.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Finding the Best PMP Certification Training Provider in Orlando, Florida

Having a PMP certificate can help you land a job and earn a higher salary. Project managers who are PMP certified earn on average 15% more salary than their non-certified colleagues. Payment costs for the certification training and the exam itself is definitely a worthy investment once you pass the certification exam.
For you to be able to have a higher passing chance, you should find a PMP certification training provider in Orlando that offers:

·         A 100% Exam Pass Guarantee Program. Some training providers offer those who failed the PMP certification exam a 2na free training course for all examinees who failed the first training
·         A Guarantee to Run. It may prove to be a hassle if after enrolling into a program you’ll later learn that you’ll have to withdraw your enrollment because classes/trainings will be cancelled because only a few enrollees registered. You should inquire whether the provider of your choice will run their training program even with low enrollment rates. 

·         A detailed outline of their training course program. Upon enrollment, you should ask for an outline on how the entire course will be run – number of classroom instructions hours, how group reinforcement activities are run, how they go about assignments and assessment tests, etc.

·         A classroom instruction led by experts in the industry. You will have that needed edge if your training is handled by PMP professionals with extensive first-hand experience in the industry.

·         Heaps of training and review materials. Most PMPCertification Orlando providers have websites. You can visit their sites and check whether they’re offering a rich collection of training materials. 

·         An easy-to-access training facility. Although, this is not as crucial as the other features, it’s still in your best interest if you choose a PMP certification provider with training facilities located in convenient and easy-to-access places.

The purpose of any PMP certification Orlando training school is to provide you with the necessary knowledge and tools to help you pass the certification exam and take you to the next level in your career. 

For more information, visit projectmanagementacademy.net

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Management or Project Manager

The best thing about a project management program is that you can use the lesson you have learned on one specific portion of a business and apply it to any other portion of the business, thus opening several job opportunities for you. You can also use your basic PMP training as a stepping stone to becoming a project manager.

Monday, July 23, 2012

PMP Sample Exams: Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have completed the PMP training and other necessary requirements, it’s time to prepare for the comprehensive project management professional exam, which comprises of 200 multiple choice questions to test your understanding and knowledge of project management.
As with other types of certification exams, sufficient preparation, course review and study is the key to do well and pass the test.

What to expect on the PMP exam?

The examination will cover all the stuff and information you learn from the PMP course, lectures, and field training. It’s best to read the direction carefully and think about the test objectives. Know what the exam is driving at to get the right answer to the question correctly. 

To get your imagination going, below are five PMP sample exams that you can answer right now to asses your current preparation level.

1. A member of your team requests for some changes that could shorten the schedule by a month. What’s the first thing to do?

a)      Tell the member that the project deadline was already submitted, which means any changes won’t be possible.

b)      Figure out the cost and impact on the scope of the work prior to writing up the change request.
c)       Make the change to save time. 
d)      Write the change request and try to see if it gets an approval.

2. Determine which of the following is not a technique process of the Perform Quality Control?
a)      Quality audits
b)      Pareto charts
c)       Inspection
d)      Statistical sampling
3. Which of the following that BEST defines Quality?
a)      It’s a product that passes all of the required tests.
b)      It’s a product made of costly materials.
c)       It’s a product that meets the requirements of the consumers.
d)      It’s a product created with plenty of care by the people who made it.

4. What should you do as project manager to make sure that all work is included in the project?
a)      Have a risk management plan
b)      Create a WBS
c)       Have a contingency plan
d)      Create a scope statement
5. Determine which of the following below provides the best basis for team development?
a)      Organizational development
b)      Conflict Management
c)       Motivation
d)      Individual Development

Monday, June 18, 2012

PMP Practice Exam: How to Get the Most from It!

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. It surely has been a long journey and here you are. All ready to review your knowledge, take a PMP practice exam, and getting ready for the exam day. You have put a lot of new information about project management into your brain. Now it’s about time to determine how much of it stuck. 

There will be 200 questions about on the actual PMP exam for you. And one best and most effective way to prep up and pass the test is by taking as much PMP practice exams as you can. It helps you flex your mental muscle and acclimate to all types of questions, the time pressure and all those things associated with the exam.

What You Will See on the PMP Exam
Now you need to take a minute to think about those new knowledge you have learned. There will be a lot of information, covering different kinds of stuffs you do over the coursework of the entire project as well as your professional life. 

So what is the best way to maintain your energy and focus on all that information? That is by taking a minute to think about the PMP exam objectives. Know what the test is driving at. This will help you to answer all those questions correctly. You need also to know how the whole exam is broken down. This will ensure you that there will not be any surprises or any unknown hurdles on exam day.
Questions types will be diverse and multifaceted. Be sure to become familiar with all those types of question in your practice tests. You can find a number of situation-based questions that cover different levels of length and complexity. You have to make sure also that you test your knowledge you get from studying the PMBOK Guide.

Keep Track of Your of Your Performance
The ultimate value of taking a PMP practice exam is to ensure you keep learning and improving. Take as many exams as you can and go over the results, and learn from your mistakes. You can also learn which parts of your study that shows a strong performance. Retake those part of the tests whenever necessary.
Always strive to get 90 percent of the questions correct. Once you get to that level, you can be sure to get a better chance of success when you sit down for the real exam. You can also take advantage of all those free PMP questions you can find online or offline. Good luck!

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