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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Advantages of Having PMP Certification

Obtaining PMP certification is a great advantage if you want to go far in the profession. It gives any individual the competitive edge and opportunities. Whether you plan to get your PMP certification online or you want to go to a school near you that offers PMP training, getting yourself certified as a project management professional is an absolute must to advance your career.

To get your imagination going, here are three of the top advantages of having PMP certification:
1. Gives you a higher billing rate. You may have a solid educational background and experience in project management, but without a PMP certification to show your clients, chances are you will either lose your clients to other certified project managers or you will get hired at a lower service rate. Moreover, most big companies, if not all, always opt to employ certified PMP.
So to ensure your success, you’ve to make sure to get that PMP certification online or in an actual school near you.

2. Establish credibility. As you know, there are a lot of project management practitioners today offering their services. And having the right certification certainly gives you the competitive edge of getting more projects and striking more deals from business owners. In short, obtaining a PMP certification establishes your credibility which would be enough to lure clients to hire your professional service.

3. Offers international recognition. When choosing the right PMP certification online school, you’ve to make sure to pick one that is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization. This way, you can enjoy international recognition as a certified project manager. So wherever you are in the world, or wherever the projects will take you, business owners will you the trust and support you need to succeed in any projects you will handle.

Being a certified PMP is always a challenge, but having the right PMP training and credentials can certainly make things easier and profitable for your career.

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