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Monday, June 18, 2012

PMP Practice Exam: How to Get the Most from It!

Congratulations! You’ve made it this far. It surely has been a long journey and here you are. All ready to review your knowledge, take a PMP practice exam, and getting ready for the exam day. You have put a lot of new information about project management into your brain. Now it’s about time to determine how much of it stuck. 

There will be 200 questions about on the actual PMP exam for you. And one best and most effective way to prep up and pass the test is by taking as much PMP practice exams as you can. It helps you flex your mental muscle and acclimate to all types of questions, the time pressure and all those things associated with the exam.

What You Will See on the PMP Exam
Now you need to take a minute to think about those new knowledge you have learned. There will be a lot of information, covering different kinds of stuffs you do over the coursework of the entire project as well as your professional life. 

So what is the best way to maintain your energy and focus on all that information? That is by taking a minute to think about the PMP exam objectives. Know what the test is driving at. This will help you to answer all those questions correctly. You need also to know how the whole exam is broken down. This will ensure you that there will not be any surprises or any unknown hurdles on exam day.
Questions types will be diverse and multifaceted. Be sure to become familiar with all those types of question in your practice tests. You can find a number of situation-based questions that cover different levels of length and complexity. You have to make sure also that you test your knowledge you get from studying the PMBOK Guide.

Keep Track of Your of Your Performance
The ultimate value of taking a PMP practice exam is to ensure you keep learning and improving. Take as many exams as you can and go over the results, and learn from your mistakes. You can also learn which parts of your study that shows a strong performance. Retake those part of the tests whenever necessary.
Always strive to get 90 percent of the questions correct. Once you get to that level, you can be sure to get a better chance of success when you sit down for the real exam. You can also take advantage of all those free PMP questions you can find online or offline. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online PMP Certification Training

Become a certified project by attending in an online PMP certification training.
A PMP certification is given to an individual who meets the educational requirements, and has obtained direct project management experience. The PMP certification training requires 35 hours of project management instructions, and must be kept current by completing the required professional development units (PDUs).
One best way to comply with the educational requirements is by enrolling in an online PMPcertification training. This is an option that has been growing in popularity among people aspiring to become a project management professional.

What is online PMPcertification training?
As the term suggests, this is a type of training that delivers the coursework in an electronic format. It is also known by many as PMP e-classes. Students will get both audio and video contents that cover all the required areas to meet the 35 PDU prerequisites.

Advantages of PMP E-Classes
·         Students can learn on the go. This means that wherever you are as long as you have an electronic device like an iPod, iPad, iPhone, smartphone or a MP3 player, or with a laptop or PC connected to an internet, you can continue with your PMP classes.

·         Pause, rewind, forward option. This is what makes e-classes an ideal way to get your PMP education. This benefit allows you to thoroughly understand all the concepts and formulas by reviewing or re-watching the classes at your own pace.

·         E-Classes are inexpensive. Compare to enrolling in an actual school offering a PMPtraining program, online PMP certification training is more cost-effective. For instance, you can enroll in Project Management Prepcast, which is a popular online school today, for an overall cost of $100! That’s a lot of saving for you.
Another best benefit of an online PMP certification training is that you can take the classes at home. Your class schedule is also very flexible, and you don’t have to spend money for fare. This is certainly a best option to go for people who have a busy lifestyle or those who just want to save money.

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