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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Get Your PMP Certification

To obtain your PMP certification, you have to comply with the educational requirements and must pass the competency exam. The PMP test will measure your proficiency and knowledge of project management, which comprises of standardized principles of the industry that ranges from different process groups to knowledge areas and component processes.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Quick Guide to PMP Training: Methods and Certification

Discover common methodologies and PMP training methods.
A good PMP training still remains a key to delivering quality projects within the targeted time and budget. The training can be both extensive and expensive, but generally considered a solid investment. It encompasses mainly the proper management of various resources.
To become a first-rate project manager, you’ve to have very goo negotiating and management skills. The PMP training is specifically designed for that. It will equip you with the necessary know-how of the industry, as well as technical knowledge.
There are several project management professional training methods used to help students learn proper project management.
Some of the Widely Used PMP Training Methods
PMP covers a whole lot of disciplines that comprises of systemized processes for delivering quality project results on time and on budget. The said methodologies are usually associated with a specific body of organization, and are often distinctive to the project management professional training paths that include documentation, standardized tests and evaluations.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

PMP Training Prerequisites and Credential Process

Becoming a project management professional is an excellent career path. If you have the proper PMP training and the necessary credentials, you will be able to enjoy a financially rewarding career. To qualify, you will be required to complete the project management coursework and must get the passing score of the competency exam.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to Complete Your PMP Training and Get Your Credentials

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting a formal PMP training. Many schools now offer flexible class schedules for students aspiring to become a project management professional. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences, you can enroll in a PMP program wherever you are in the U.S. provided you have met the necessary requirements.

PMP Training: Four Essential Elements to Focus On

To become a successful project management professional requires specific skills, knowledge, and the right attitude. These are important qualities when overseeing business projects from the start to their completion, within a specified time and budget. PMP training program is the key that will ensure that aspiring project managers possess the right education, know-how and skills.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Quick PMP Certification Guide

Read a short guide to project management professional certification.
The PMP certification is obtained once you have met the educational requirements and pass the exam. The competency examination will test your knowledge and skills in leading people and delivering projects, which should pass the set standards, complete on time, and within the projected budget.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PMP Training: Four Major Components to Consider

To become a certified project management professional is an excellent career choice. You will have to undergo a PMP training program, acquire field experience, pass the exam, and go through continuing education. When you have completed all these necessary requirements, you can then enjoy the full benefits and rewards that the PMP career has to offer.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

PMP Training: A Quick Guide

Just like any other business industries, project management professionals need to have the proper credential to get full rewards of the career. This can be achieved after completing the PMP training and pass the certification exam.

To get some idea of the project management professional training and how to qualify for the examination, here are the essentials to keep in mind.

PMP Training Prerequisites
To qualify, you have to be a college graduate and have a minimum of 4,500 hours of direct project management in an actual workplace setting. High school graduates can also apply but they are expected to have logged at least 7,500 hours of direct project management experience.

Preliminary Training
Formal education to become a PMP is not very extensive. Aspiring PMPs have to accomplish the 35 hours of coursework, which include training sessions on time management ad social responsibilites, as well as the core tasks on the job that comprise of planning, initiating, executing and controlling projects and involved risks associated with projects and procurements.

PMP Examination
When you have successfully completed the educational requirements, you will then be eligible to take the PMP certification exam designed to test your theoritical knowledge, and most especially your competency and skills.

The key to pass the test is sufficient preparation, and knowing what to expect during the exam, which is composed of 200 questions in a computer-based test. Taking practice exams is also a great way to prepare for the test.

There are a lot preparation assistance for students available such as attending e-Learning courses, and downloadable materials. You can even get many of them freeby searching the Internet.

Credential Process
When you have successfully passed the PMP competency exam, you will then be required to get 60 hours of professional development program to maintain your credentials. This is a way of continuing education for every project management professionals and to keep your PMP training up to date.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Short PMP Training Guide

The primary aim of the PMP training is to, first and foremost, prepare the student to successfully pass the Project Management Professional certification exam. Enrolling in PMP program involves some considerable sum of money and time. But earning the certification is a must to advance your PMP career and add more value to your resume.

To give you some general idea about the PMP training, here’s some very important information you want to know:

PMP Certification Exam Requirements
Before you will be admitted to the testing, you’re required to meet the requirements:

A high school diploma or 5 years of project management experience and at the very least 7,500 hours in a leadership position
Applicants with a bachelor’s degree need to have at least 3 years of project management experience, and 4,500 hours in a leadership position
All aspiring project managers will need to accomplish 35 hours of PMP training

PMP Training Materials
Get a copy of the PMBOK, which stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. This is the primary guide for the entire training. The books contains the necessary information you will need to study such as the 9 knowledge areas and 42 managements processes, among others. You’ll also get a series of PMP programs, online resources, publications and seminars.

Advantages of PMP Training
To be PMP certified, you have to have a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. And having the right training gives you already the edge not just in passing the PMP exam with flying colors, but also the competitive edge in the employment market.

The PMP training also allows you to meet a lot of people in the business, establish relationships with other aspiring project management professionals. This gives you many opportunities to start building strong professional networks, as well as garner some very impressive references from other professionals that will certainly help you in the near future.

More PMP Classes:

Three Essentials of PMP Training

More and more employers not only in the US, but the whole world in general, are recognizing the great value of hiring certified project management professionals. This makes sure in attaining the goals right on target and achieving high standards possible. The PMP training can be done in the classroom or students can enroll in various state-approved online PMP training schools.

Here are 3 important considerations to take into account when finding the right PMP training:

Quick training programs
Try to enroll in a quick PMP course. There are now a good number of PMP training programs that will allow you meet all the formal education requirements in a matter of days. Others provide the training that will take 2 to 5 weeks. Short yet very compact project management training is best most especially for busy professionals, those who have regular jobs, or a family to take care of.

Check the track record
Prior to making a decision, you need to check the background and passing rate of the school. You can ask feedback from people who have tried their training and PMP exam prep, and see if they are satisfied.
If you enroll in a school with good or excellent track record, you know that you will not wasting your time taking the PMP training with them. It will also boost your chances of getting the grade you need to obtain the PMP certification.

Compare cost
The project management professional training can be costly. It can go as much as $2000. Yet again, getting your PMP credentials would be great investment. It opens up a lot of possibilities and job opportunities for you. The return will be enormous.

So it is also important to know your best options, and comparing the cost with other PMP training schools would also be a good way to benchmark which one suits your personal preferences and budget, without sacrificing the quality of training.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Best PMP Exam Prep Tips

You’ve finally made it through the project management professional classes and training. Now it’s time to get that PMP certification. That means passing the competency exam. Now with due-diligence and knowledge of what to expect during the exam, you will be able to pass the exam with flying colors.
Here are three best PMP exam prep steps that you can use to ensure desired results:

Get a personalized PMP study guide

Have a study plan that works for you and stick with it. It’s important to guide you through your daily activities preparing sufficiently for the exam day. Keep some of your study notes in handy that you can bring with you wherever you go. The study guide should include the high-level ordered lists such as:
9 knowledge areas
5 process groups
39 components processes

Take a lot of PMP practice exam

Practice exams help you measure your current level of knowledge and preparation. Doing so can help you familiarize the questions and time limit during the actual test. Among smart PMP exam prep tips, practice test is one of the most effective. It allows you to see which components processes or knowledge areas that you need to improve on.


This means utilizing available resources you have to step up your preparation to obtain your PMP certification. You can join in group studies or boot camps. This way you will be able to bounce off ideas or compare notes with fellow PMP aspirants. Synergizing can also help you get inspiration and boost for your confidence. This would also mean enlisting the support of your dear ones.
These are just some of the effective PMP exam prep tips that you can use for your preparation. Keeping the balance of study, family time, and rest can also aid in putting your focus right on realizing your goals.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Four-Step Guide to PMP Certification

To get the PMP certification, every project manager needs to get a passing grade of the exam. It’s a PMP test that measures the proficiency and knowledge of a PMP in the standardized principles of the industry, from different process group and knowledge areas to the 39 component processes. Yet, passing the PMP exam may not be that easy to pass without sufficient preparation.

To help you with that, here are four simple steps that you can follow to get more from your preparation:

Utilize the best PMP resources
The top resource for the PMP test is the PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge. This contains a plethora of researches, abstracts, and articles that outline the study road map of project management. You can get a downloadable copy of the PMBOK on the internet. Aside from that, there are a lot of great resources you can get online such as study guides and free samples of the PMP exam questions.

Practice exams
Now, when you have those free samples of PMP questions you have gathered from the internet, or maybe practice PMP certification exam book you bought from bookstores, find the time to do a lot of exercises as you can answering the practice PMP exams. As many certified PMPs would tell you, this singular strategy has helped them properly prepared for the real test.

Keep handy study materials
With some creativity, you can make your preparation and study before the exam more enjoyable. Keeping your study notes in handy, you can study on the go wherever and whenever you want. With that, you will be able to utilize your time carefully.

Enroll in PMP training
Joining PMP certification boot camps is another best way to get the most of your time preparing for the test. This is also better than studying on your own everyday. With other project management practitioners, you will have other people to compare notes and study materials with.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Best Tips When Choosing a PMP Training Course

Taking PMP training course helps you to be sufficiently prepared when the taking the PMP test and get the certification. The requirements include a high school diploma, and at least five years of project management experience. If you don’t have the said years of experience, the best alternative would be is to take a four-year degree course and three yeas of experience in the field.

So how do you make sure that you pick the right PMP training program? Below are some of the best tips that can help.

Marks of a good PMP training course

You have to keep in mind that ethical and functional role of the project manager is very important. With that, you have to be certain to choose a PMP course that uses multiple trial quizzes and tests to prepare the test-taker properly. Those practice tests can also help a project management practitioner to become relaxed and sufficiently acclimated to the test.

Find out the passing rates
If you can, try to find out the passing rates of the PMP training camp before enrolling. The ideal passing rate is over 90 percent. Of course these are the best bootcamps you can find out there that ensure the best training and sufficient preparation for the PMP exam. The pay would be higher but worth your time and money. They also feature classes and fieldworks that would provide you an accelerated educational experience.

What to expect
PMP training course, or PMP bootcamps, typically provides the 35 hours requirement of program management education. You will have your own PMP certified trainer and coach, and a 24-hour access to study materials and the lab. Materials for study include a copy of the PMBOK, lab manuals, and a plethora of PMP practice exams. The entire program is specifically organized to guarantee your success of passing the PMP exam.

Navigate from PMP Training Course to PMP Certification homepage.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Four-Step Guide to PMP Training

To get more from PMP training and ensure best results requires smart actions and due-diligence. A would-be project management practitioner must sufficiently prepared before taking the PMP test, as there’s no other way to pass the exam and get the PMP certification.  To help you with that, below are four easy steps that can aid you when prepping up for the said PMP test.

Do your homework
As you are familiar by now, the exam comprises many ordered lists, definitions and process groups. These are the crucial things that you should best acquainted with when doing the training and study, especially the parts where keeping in mind the knowledge areas and component process is very important. Some focus is also needed to memorize key terms that include levels of management plans, assumption, constraints, feedback, corrective actions, as well as organizational policies and procedures.

Personalize PMP training efforts
Enrolling in a quality training course would be wise, but personalizing your PMP training efforts is a lot wiser. Keeping study materials and study guides in handy is a great step of personalizing your preparation for the exam. Utilize your time and efforts to get more from your training. This will help you do well during the actual exam.

Be realistic
You know your limitation and want to keep your improvement as you go along the PMP training. With that, determine the hurdles and learn how to overcome them. There should be no excuses in achieving your goals.

Benchmark your PMP knowledge
One effective way to measure your PMP preparation is to take practice PMP exams. You can find a lot of downloadable resources online or purchase one from a bookstore near you. Set up a simulation PMP test that you should complete within the same time limit. This will let you know how much you have assimilated from the PMP training and how much effort you should put in to get better in your preparation.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Top Advantages of Having PMP Certification

Obtaining PMP certification is a great advantage if you want to go far in the profession. It gives any individual the competitive edge and opportunities. Whether you plan to get your PMP certification online or you want to go to a school near you that offers PMP training, getting yourself certified as a project management professional is an absolute must to advance your career.

To get your imagination going, here are three of the top advantages of having PMP certification:
1. Gives you a higher billing rate. You may have a solid educational background and experience in project management, but without a PMP certification to show your clients, chances are you will either lose your clients to other certified project managers or you will get hired at a lower service rate. Moreover, most big companies, if not all, always opt to employ certified PMP.
So to ensure your success, you’ve to make sure to get that PMP certification online or in an actual school near you.

2. Establish credibility. As you know, there are a lot of project management practitioners today offering their services. And having the right certification certainly gives you the competitive edge of getting more projects and striking more deals from business owners. In short, obtaining a PMP certification establishes your credibility which would be enough to lure clients to hire your professional service.

3. Offers international recognition. When choosing the right PMP certification online school, you’ve to make sure to pick one that is accredited by the International Organization for Standardization. This way, you can enjoy international recognition as a certified project manager. So wherever you are in the world, or wherever the projects will take you, business owners will you the trust and support you need to succeed in any projects you will handle.

Being a certified PMP is always a challenge, but having the right PMP training and credentials can certainly make things easier and profitable for your career.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Three Essential PMP coaching Tips to Remember

There are sure things you’ve to stay in mind when taking the PMP coaching. during this article, we’ll simply provides a shortlist of some essential points which will prep you sufficiently and facilitate make sure the results you hope to urge. Here are the three of them:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tips for making ready for PMP Certification on-line

The internet offers vast info regarding project management skilled (PMP) exam. making ready PMP certification on-line is that the best and value saving choice to prepare for the 4-hour PMP check.
It is additionally a awfully sensible thanks to take up on-line categories and apply exams at the convenience of your home. Below are a number of the effective tips when it involves making ready yourself properly for PMP certification on-line.

Get a duplicate of the PMBOK

It stands for Project Management Body of information. This is an ideal guide for you to find out the fundamentals and fundamentals of project management. you'll be able to get a book or simply download a duplicate on-line from numerous sources. simply kind within the right keyword on Google and you’ll soon get quality leads where you'll be able to realize downloadable file of PMBOK at a reduced costs.

Know Your Geographical Location

As you recognize, when making ready for PMP certification on-line, it's best to sign in for net categories on your own space. realize a PMP academy that operates a web college for project management practitioners in your space. you'll be able to try this by typing within the keyword on a research engine with the particular town you're located. for instance, if you’re in big apple, simply use the subsequent keyword: PMP big apple.

Take additional apply Exams on-line

You will realize millions of free PMP sample queries that you simply can use for your apply exam sessions. you'll additionally get latest edition of PMP apply Exam books, or it'd be presumably that the web academy you signed up for provides you with free PMP sample exams. Utilize apply to your bet advantage to live your level of readiness and continual improvement in your preparation.

Applying these straightforward tips when making ready for PMP certification on-line helps you guarantee desired results when the important PMP exam comes.

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