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Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Quick PMP Certification Guide

Read a short guide to project management professional certification.
The PMP certification is obtained once you have met the educational requirements and pass the exam. The competency examination will test your knowledge and skills in leading people and delivering projects, which should pass the set standards, complete on time, and within the projected budget.

Obtaining a project management professional certification can be both intensive and costly. But according to the recent salary survey, people with PMP certification can average $90,000 or even more annually.

So that means getting a certification is a must if you want to put a lot of value on your resume and enjoy a financially rewarding career.

PMP Certification Prerequisites
To qualify, you must be a high school graduate or equivalent (such as a GED). Individuals with bachelor’s degree can enjoy certain advantages. When you apply, you will be required to provide necessary documentation of your project management experience.
Depending on your educational attainment, your direct project management experience will range from three years to five years exposure in the field. That will be an equivalent of 4,500 hours to 7,500 hours of 
leading project teams and directing the processes of the project to its completion.

Passing the PMPExamination
When you have complied with the requirements, you will be admitted to take the PMP competency test. It comprises of 200 questions which you should complete in 2 hours. Fortunately, there many PMP practice questions you can find today that can help you prep up properly for the test. Practice exams can help you get an idea of your knowledge levels, your strength and areas that you have to improve on.

The PMP certification will be valid for three years. After that, you will be required to take 60 units in project management professional development offered at certain approved learning centers.


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