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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PMP Training: Four Essential Elements to Focus On

To become a successful project management professional requires specific skills, knowledge, and the right attitude. These are important qualities when overseeing business projects from the start to their completion, within a specified time and budget. PMP training program is the key that will ensure that aspiring project managers possess the right education, know-how and skills.

Below are 4 crucial elements that every PMP should pay attention to.

Leadership skills
As manager, you are expected to motivate your people under your wing to do their respective tasks well. This would involve having the interpersonal skills of leading the group and dealing with people with different culture and backgrounds. You also need to be a good model for them to follow.

You must develop a creative insight especially when planning the entire project, and applying the organizational policies and standard procedures. You should be able to integrate strategic solutions that will increase efficiency and productivity of everyone involved.

This would be a very crucial factor in real situations. But excellent decision-making skills can be learned. During the PMP training, you will be exposed to various situations that will test your judgment. This way you will have your mentors to evaluate your decisions and if necessary correct certain things that you may have overlooked.

During PMP certification courses, you will be asked to identify, define and analyze certain issues from all angles, and come up with your own evaluation as well as solutions to certain problems.

As a project management professional, you have to be an innovator, a type of leader who can think out-of-the-box, so to speak. People will look up at you for new and much better ideas, and create opportunities for them. As an innovator, you have to be keen enough to utilize the full potential of others in your group, implement ideas that will bring you closer to the goal, and manage all available resources.

These are the things that comprise the very core of a solid PMP training, which every project manager should pay more attention to.


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