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Saturday, November 19, 2011

How to Complete Your PMP Training and Get Your Credentials

You have a lot of options when it comes to getting a formal PMP training. Many schools now offer flexible class schedules for students aspiring to become a project management professional. Depending on your lifestyle, budget and personal preferences, you can enroll in a PMP program wherever you are in the U.S. provided you have met the necessary requirements.

Look for an extensive PMP Training school
Your education is your ticket to the business world and getting more projects. So you have to make sure that you attend to a school that is state-approved, reputable and offers high quality training. If money is an issue, you can also opt to take an online PMP training. Going this route can be less costly overall, offers more flexibility, and very convenient.

PMP aspirants with college degrees

This refers to those candidates who have at least 3 calendar years of experience in project management within the last 6 years. The job experience should include 4,500 hours managing projects from initiating and planning to controlling, monitoring, and closing. Aside from that, they should be able also to complete 35 hours of educational in project management.

PMP aspirants with no college degrees
For those without a college degree can still be qualified for the PMP certification process as long as they comply with the work and training requirements. This would also mean having a minimum of 5 calendar years of experience managing projects within the last 8 years. The job experience should include at least 7,500 hours handling projects across the five management process areas.

As implied above, you can complete the formal PMP training by attending in education programs, participate in training organized by your employer, or enroll in PMP courses in your area. To quickly find a particular school in your city, you can just make search utilizing the Internet and right keywords. For instance, you can type PMP training Atlanta to see possible schools that you can inquire.


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