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Monday, July 4, 2011

Four-Step Guide to PMP Certification

To get the PMP certification, every project manager needs to get a passing grade of the exam. It’s a PMP test that measures the proficiency and knowledge of a PMP in the standardized principles of the industry, from different process group and knowledge areas to the 39 component processes. Yet, passing the PMP exam may not be that easy to pass without sufficient preparation.

To help you with that, here are four simple steps that you can follow to get more from your preparation:

Utilize the best PMP resources
The top resource for the PMP test is the PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge. This contains a plethora of researches, abstracts, and articles that outline the study road map of project management. You can get a downloadable copy of the PMBOK on the internet. Aside from that, there are a lot of great resources you can get online such as study guides and free samples of the PMP exam questions.

Practice exams
Now, when you have those free samples of PMP questions you have gathered from the internet, or maybe practice PMP certification exam book you bought from bookstores, find the time to do a lot of exercises as you can answering the practice PMP exams. As many certified PMPs would tell you, this singular strategy has helped them properly prepared for the real test.

Keep handy study materials
With some creativity, you can make your preparation and study before the exam more enjoyable. Keeping your study notes in handy, you can study on the go wherever and whenever you want. With that, you will be able to utilize your time carefully.

Enroll in PMP training
Joining PMP certification boot camps is another best way to get the most of your time preparing for the test. This is also better than studying on your own everyday. With other project management practitioners, you will have other people to compare notes and study materials with.

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