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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PMP Training: Four Major Components to Consider

To become a certified project management professional is an excellent career choice. You will have to undergo a PMP training program, acquire field experience, pass the exam, and go through continuing education. When you have completed all these necessary requirements, you can then enjoy the full benefits and rewards that the PMP career has to offer.

To help you get some more general idea before embarking to this remarkable profession, here are the four essential components you have to keep in mind:

PMP Certification Eligibility
It is important that aspiring project managers should be able to qualify for the certification program. Wherever you are in US, you need to have the credential to be admitted for PMP certification training. The standard prerequisite in PMP Training Atlanta, for instance, is a bachelor’s degree or an associate degree with 4,500 to 7,500 hours of project management experience.

Formal Education
The entire coursework for PMP comprises of 35 hours of classroom instruction and training sessions, which typicall cover topics on social responsibilities, core tasks and knowledge areas of project management, and strategies and ways of controlling projects and mitigating risks, among others.

PMP Examination
After your formal training and education, you will soon be ready to take the PMP test. The exam is composed of 200 questions that will measure your learnings, mental readiness and competency. The focus will be on the core tasks as a project manager that will include initiating and closing projects, and performance knowledge.

 To ace the PMP exam, you have to be sufficiently prepared such reviewing the PMBOK or the comprehensive credentials handbook, and taking practice exam.

PMP Continuing Education
Even if you have already passed the PMP exam, continuing education is still very much necessary. Newly certified project management professionals are even asked to complete additional 60 hours of professional development units to enhance their credentials, and upgrade their PMP training. This is also a great way to bulk up your skills, experience, and most especially value on your resume.


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