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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tips for Preparing for PMP Certification Online

The internet offers vast information about project management professional (PMP) exam. Preparing PMP certification online is the best and cost saving option to prepare for the 4-hour PMP test.
It is also a very practical way to take up online classes and practice exams at the convenience of your home. Below are some of the effective tips when it comes to preparing yourself properly for PMP certification online.

Get a copy of the PMBOK

It stands for Project Management Body of Knowledge. This serves as a perfect guide for you to learn the basics and fundamentals of project management. You can buy a book or just download a copy online from various sources. Just type in the right keyword on Google and you’ll soon get quality leads where you can find downloadable file of PMBOK at a discounted prices.

Know Your Geographical Location

As you know, when preparing for PMP certification online, it is best to sign up for internet classes on your own area. Find a PMP academy that operates an online school for project management practitioners in your area. You can do this by typing in the keyword on a search engine with the specific city you are located. For example, if you’re in New York, just use the following keyword: PMP New York.

Take More Practice Exams Online

You can find lots of free PMP sample questions that you can use for your practice exam sessions. You may also buy latest edition of PMP Practice Exam books, or it would be most likely that the online academy you signed up for provides you with free PMP sample exams. Utilize practice to your bet advantage to measure your level of readiness and continual improvement in your preparation.

Applying these simple tips when preparing for PMP certification online helps you ensure desired results when the real PMP exam comes.

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