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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Get Your PMP Certification

To obtain your PMP certification, you have to comply with the educational requirements and must pass the competency exam. The PMP test will measure your proficiency and knowledge of project management, which comprises of standardized principles of the industry that ranges from different process groups to knowledge areas and component processes.

Passing the PMP exam may not be walk in the park. It requires sufficient preparation. Below are some helpful, straightforward steps that you can use to get better preparation for the certification test.

Always use the best PMP resources

The number one resource for the PMP test is the Project Management Body of Knowledge, or known simply as the PMBOK. It contains researches, abstracts, and articles outlining the study road map of becoming a well-equipped project management professional.

You can get either get a downloadable copy of the PMBOK on the internet, or buy the book at your nearest bookstore. In additional to that, you can also find a lot of resources online such as PMP study guides and sample copies of the PMP certification exam questions, many of them are provided for free!

Take PMP practice exams

When you have gathered free PMP sample questions, find time to do as many practice exams and exercises as you can. This is one of the best ways to be properly acclimated of the questions, time pressure, as well as a great way to pinpoint weak areas of project management that you need to improve on.

As many certified project management professionals would tell you, PMP practice exams is a very effective strategy that will prepared you properly for the actual test.

Be creative with you study materials

Prepare handy materials you can have with your wherever you are, or whenever you have time to kill while waiting your girlfriend or boyfriend, whatever the case may be. With some creativity, you can get the most of your time studying and preparing for the exam.

It can even be more enjoyable keeping your handy study notes with you. You can study on the go and be able to use your time wisely.

Enroll in PMP training program or Bootcamps

Invite other friends to join with in a boot camp. This is another effective way to prepare well and get your PMP certification. You can also get inspiration from fellow aspirants and share notes, which is very preferable by many students rather studying on their own everyday.


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