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Friday, April 6, 2012

PMP Certification in Charlotte

The project management professional (PMP) certification is on high demand across various business industries. Aspiring PMPs must complete the required training and pass the exam, which is designed to gauge their skills in business management. Several colleges and universities in Charlotte offer the PMP training.

The PMP credential will aid the employers to recognize truly qualified PMP candidates with proven PMP skills and knowledge in project management.

PMP Certification Requirements
The prerequisites to qualify to take the PMP exam are a bachelor's degree plus a minimum of 3 years (or 4,500 hours) of experience working in a project management related job. If you only have a high school diploma, you will be required to accumulate a minimum of five years (or 7,500 hours) experience in a project management work.
When you have finished the necessary training and completed the educational requirement, you will then be eligible to sit down for the PMP competency exam, which is a 200-item test that covers everything you have studied from a PMP school.

Be sure to enroll in a PMP school in Charlotte. Check the reputation of the school and their passing percentage.

PMP Coursework
The entire project management professional coursework typically covers:
  •   The 5 process groups,
  •  The 9 knowledge areas, and
  • The 39 component processes
  • The Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK also serves as the standard guide for instruction.

Your PMP certification Charlotte doesn’t guarantee that you will land a good job immediately. But the certification serves as proof of your training, knowledge and expertise as a PMP. If you have, you will be most likely stand out from the crowd and get the job.

PMPs perform will take responsibility of all aspects that involve in managing the project from the first stage to its completion. They take charge the lead in all cross-functional teams to deliver projects, managing people, and meeting the constraints of the schedule, scope of the entire project, and budgets.

That means that the PMP should have the right training, skills and knowledge on how to apply appropriately certain methodologies on projects, ensuring that everything is under the well-defined project requirements and deliverables, as well a within the projected budget.


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