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Monday, February 18, 2013

5 Learning Methods to Complete PDU Training

As a certified project management professional (PMP), you will be required to acquire the Professional Development Units (PDUs), as an integral part of the Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) program. This can be achieved through ongoing education and giving something back to the profession.
Good thing is that there are a lot of ways and opportunities to get PDU training and maintain your credentials. You will be typically required to earn 60 professional development units within a 3-year period.
Here are the five learning methods to obtain PDU training:

1. Formal Academic Education
Earn the required units by enrolling in an academic course that’s part of a project management program. There are several registered education providers that you can enrol in. Find one that meets your situation.
2. Self-Directed Learning
Look for professional activities that you are most comfortable doing, and which you can best utilize your knowledge and skills. You have plenty of options to earn a pre-determine number of units for each category such as the following below.
·         Write a book or article on project management for a professional journal
·         Become a speaker on a project management conference or workshop
·         Join in a program management panel discussion
·         Develop content for a project management learning course
·         Work experience
3. Self-Directed Learning
This involves personally conducting research that includes coaching sessions or discussions with clients or fellow project managers. These activities should utilize informational materials such as videos, books or instructional manuals.
4. Volunteer Service
Become a volunteer to a professional or community organization. This way you will be able to earn up to 20 units. Just be sure to check that the volunteer service meets the definition of the project management program.
5. Enrol in Other Education Providers
If you can’t find a PMP-registered organization near your area, you can still get your PDU training from an education provider that offer program educational courses. However, for this type of course, you will typically receive one project development unit for an hour of the course you attended.
Hope this article can help you get started with meeting your PDU training and succeed more in your career.


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