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Monday, July 26, 2010

Project Management Certification

Project Management Certification has been an attraction and a need for project managers who want to keep their job, enhance their project management skills, earn more income and be hired easily. There are certain preparations in order to pass the PMP exam as well as to be PMP certified.

Every student who is enrolled in the PMP course should prepare for the PMP exam. Preparation for the PMP exam in order to get a PMP certification and later on be given the PMP certificate must do the following:

1.) Review the PMP credential handbook which is very important for rules and regulations.
2.) Review the PMP examination specification in order to be guided by the test items that will be focused on answering.
3.) Read current titles for on project management. Search for these in the internet to ensure a faster access.
4.) Read the latest edition of the PMBOK@ guide for more information in the preparation.
5.) Be in study groups and with maybe co- PMP exam takers, colleagues or even friends who are also taking the PMP course or training.

Project management is actually divided into five major project management process groups or steps which are very important for project managers who took the PMP course. They can apply these in their project management work in the future. These are initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.
Fortunately, once you have acquired the PMP certificate, any commercial or government institutions will hire you easily and take advantage of the knowledge you got from the PMBOK@ guide which actually has standardized and evolving set of project management principles.

Project management certification is indeed a very helpful tool for project managers to be more professional and effective in the project management world. A PMP certified will surely attract more contractors and to get more project proposals.


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