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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Effective Tips Before Taking the PMP Certification Online

Taking PMP certification online training has become the most accessible PMP certification avenue for most project management professionals. Online PMP certification training provides project managers the accessibility of resources and freedom of time. This avenue for PMP certification often saves them the hassle of going to classrooms and other learning centers just to get the PMP certification.

The PMP certification has become the global standard for project managers and most especially a credential of choice by most industries around the world. This is the reason why the application process is quite extensive and it requires all applicants to pay close attention to details.

Before any project management professionals take the PMP certification online, professionals must be certain that they have passed all the requirements, which includes:
Work Experience. Project management professionals must have sufficient work experience. To know this, they must list all of the projects that they have implemented over the previous five years.  Since this process is very time consuming, professionals must devout a great deal of time to put everything into writing or use online PMP work experience calculators which will help them speed up the process.
PMI membership status. It is recommended that PMP certification candidates be members of the PMI organization. The main reason is because PMP Exam fees are cheaper for their members versus non-members.
Professionals must fulfill the 35 contact hours. This means that professionals must get engaged into an educational course that provides them further learning and mastery of their profession prior to taking the exam.

Once everything is done, project managers are all ready to take the PMP exam. There are a lot of sites that provide online pmp training, pmp certifications, and pmp training courses that they can benefit from, they just have to choose who can give the best package for pmp certification online.

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