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Monday, July 23, 2012

PMP Sample Exams: Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have completed the PMP training and other necessary requirements, it’s time to prepare for the comprehensive project management professional exam, which comprises of 200 multiple choice questions to test your understanding and knowledge of project management.
As with other types of certification exams, sufficient preparation, course review and study is the key to do well and pass the test.

What to expect on the PMP exam?

The examination will cover all the stuff and information you learn from the PMP course, lectures, and field training. It’s best to read the direction carefully and think about the test objectives. Know what the exam is driving at to get the right answer to the question correctly. 

To get your imagination going, below are five PMP sample exams that you can answer right now to asses your current preparation level.

1. A member of your team requests for some changes that could shorten the schedule by a month. What’s the first thing to do?

a)      Tell the member that the project deadline was already submitted, which means any changes won’t be possible.

b)      Figure out the cost and impact on the scope of the work prior to writing up the change request.
c)       Make the change to save time. 
d)      Write the change request and try to see if it gets an approval.

2. Determine which of the following is not a technique process of the Perform Quality Control?
a)      Quality audits
b)      Pareto charts
c)       Inspection
d)      Statistical sampling
3. Which of the following that BEST defines Quality?
a)      It’s a product that passes all of the required tests.
b)      It’s a product made of costly materials.
c)       It’s a product that meets the requirements of the consumers.
d)      It’s a product created with plenty of care by the people who made it.

4. What should you do as project manager to make sure that all work is included in the project?
a)      Have a risk management plan
b)      Create a WBS
c)       Have a contingency plan
d)      Create a scope statement
5. Determine which of the following below provides the best basis for team development?
a)      Organizational development
b)      Conflict Management
c)       Motivation
d)      Individual Development


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