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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Project Management or Project Manager

The best thing about a project management program is that you can use the lesson you have learned on one specific portion of a business and apply it to any other portion of the business, thus opening several job opportunities for you. You can also use your basic PMP training as a stepping stone to becoming a project manager.

Go over the tips below and learn how you can become a project manager.

1. Enroll in a PMP training program. Enrolling in a PMP training course is a great way of expanding your job opportunities. It allows you to learn a portion of a business - how products are manufactured, where they are sourced, how they are developed and how they are sold.  Some of your local community colleges will offer PMP courses. Check one of the colleges nearest you. You can also enroll on credited online colleges.

2. Prepare a PMP resume. If you haven't got any PMP experience yet, include any school project or volunteer experience in your resume like organizing a bake sale in your neighborhood or being a scout leader. You may have to start as a PMP staff before you can advance as a project manager.

3. Start joining social or volunteer organizations. Offer to facilitate the next "run for a cause" drive or the next fundraiser. This will help you gain on-field experience on project management. Take note that you will be the one facilitating the event so you will have to learn to delegate tasks to other people. The job of a project manager is to see that a project gets done, not do it.

4. Send your resume to several companies. You might consider sending your resume to small companies who may consider hiring someone without prior project management experience but has the necessary skill sets to get the job done.

A project manager is a project management professional tasked to manage a specific project and oversee a team of PMP staff working for that project. A project manager should have above average organization, motivation, time management and leadership skills. Large companies will offer hefty compensation to a certified project management manager who can get them results.


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